description: metal screw wedged into cork from wine bottle

dimensions: 2.0 X 7.6 X 2.0 cm

material: stainless steel, cork

condition: stuck

date aquired: 01/12/2019

significance: a drunken night in paris

description: black ray ban wayfarer sunglasses (RB4141)

dimensions: 12.4 X 15.0 X 4.5 cm

material: acetate, metal

condition: gone

date aquired: 01/26/2014

significance: dad wore these religiously

description: chattering teeth toy with googly eyes

dimensions: 3.9 X 4.8 X 3.6 cm

material: plastic, metal

condition: broken

date aquired: ????

significance: bowling alley arcade prize

description: white hand humanoid

dimensions: 7.3 X 13.5 X 2.3 cm

material: air dry clay

condition: bumpy

date aquired: 01/06/2021

significance: created for digital vessel class

description: snowglobe with snowman accessories in water

dimensions: 6.3 X 9.4 X 6.3 cm

material: plastic, water

condition: leaking

date aquired: ~ 2008

significance: when I got pink eye in arizona

description: speckled gray stone with thin white line

dimensions: 5.5 X 3.7 X 2.9 cm

material: stone

condition: lucky

date aquired: 03/16/2019

significance: from a stranger at an art flee